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15 new songs you need to hear before August 2014 endspic

15 new songs you need to hear before August 2014 ends

I'm referring to an article on AltPress, which was released just recently. Here are my favorites: It starts with "Chumped - Hot 97 Summer Jam" which reminds…
lucysky Aug 29, 2014
2013 - the best year everpic

2013 - the best year ever

2013 was such a busy year for me. I moved to another country. Moved back. Travelled a million different places, countries and galaxies. I met so…
lucysky Dec 25, 2013
Marry me ByeAlex?vid

Marry me ByeAlex?

I fell in love with ByeAlex. I fell in love with Hungary. Once more.  
lucysky May 19, 2013

Why You Should Buy Bikinis: An Ode To Loving Your Body Unconditionally

Reblogged from Claire Hi friends. Today, I bought a bikini. I haven't bought a new swimsuit in at least four years, because I've never lived in…
lucysky May 05, 2013 Originally by musiciscool
Happy belated siblings day!pic

Happy (belated) siblings day!

My little sister, Teresa. I love her more than anything else! I love her more than cupcakes! ;-P
lucysky Apr 11, 2013

Who Convinced Nick Jonas To Dance In The 'Pom Poms' Video?!

LOVE this post: Reblogged from Eavie Porter Let me start by saying I heart the Jonas Brothers! I most definitely rocked out to "Burnin' Up" in my…
lucysky Apr 05, 2013 Originally by eavie
Selah Sue - Raggamuffinvid

Selah Sue - Raggamuffin

This girl got me hooked! I can't get enough of this song! Listen to it, but be careful, it might hook you also ;)
lucysky Mar 11, 2013

I love Sarah Blackwood and WALK OFF THE EARTH

I probably said it before, but now I have one more reason to love Sarah Blackwood and Walk off the earth. As I told you, Walk…
lucysky Mar 10, 2013

One night in Vienna

So, title says it all. I spent one night in beautiful (but expensive) Vienna. A band from my home town in Germany played there at some…
lucysky Mar 07, 2013
Lovato Loves Leatherpic

Lovato Loves Leather

... and I love her style! Especially in this picture! Very pin-up. Love it! :)
lucysky Mar 06, 2013 Originally by caitlinobrien

10 Year Old Girl Writes A Letter About Gay Marriage To President Obama,And He Responds!

Reblogged from beberexha This story tugged at my heartstrings. 10 year-old Sophia Bailey-Klugh had previously written a letter to President Obama, inviting him to her home for…
lucysky Feb 28, 2013 Originally by beberexha
Big City Lifepic

Big City Life

A few days ago this hungarian photographer took me with him on tour while he was looking for places where he could have shootings... These…
lucysky Feb 24, 2013

Quick update from Budapest :)

Last week I met this hungarian guy. He's a photographer. And today he took me on a tour with him, checking out places he could…
lucysky Feb 19, 2013
Will You Be My Valentine?vid

Will You Be My Valentine?

Love this video. Check out her youtube channel:
lucysky Feb 18, 2013 Originally by itsjustalinne

Happy belayed Valentine's Day!

Over the whole moving/University/new-in-town stress, I almost forgot Valentine's day. But - as usual that day - I'm single. So, never mind. I went out…
lucysky Feb 17, 2013
My trip to Gdll pic

My trip to Gödöllö =)

So, I guess it's time for an update. I've been to Gödöllö this weekend. It's a nice, little town near Budapest. Queen Elisabeth (better known…
lucysky Feb 17, 2013
Alexz Johnson - Skipping Stonevid

Alexz Johnson - Skipping Stone

So, when I was younger, Alexz was on a show called "Instant Star", but neither the show nor Alexz were big deals in Germany. Somehow…
lucysky Feb 13, 2013


And a quite big one! My flatmates and me are having our first party together and all of our friends are coming, so all in all…
lucysky Feb 08, 2013
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